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Translation & Interpreting Services in Almaty


“CIS Group” Law Company offers a full range of Translation & Interpreting services in Almaty:

Professional and accurate provision of translation and interpreting services ensures having common ground with business partners and government agencies.

Our clients are offered written translation and interpreting services with notarization.

It has been more than 5 years since we started as Translation & Interpreting services providers and we have ever since been entirely committed to having documents of all types translated to a good quality and within specified time constraints.

Our translators are fully competent in rendering texts of high complexity and interpreting foreign nationals, and are familiar with terminology adopted in various fields of expertise and activity.


Legal Translation

Translation of founding documents and contracts, treaties and agreements, decisions of international and arbitration courts, documents in relation to the assessment of property and non-property rights, insurance policies.


Translation of Personal Documents

Passports, extracts from employment record books, certificates of title, birth certificates and marriage certificates, bank certificates, death certificates, exit permit applications, certificates of marital status and income, wills, letters of authorization.


Technical Translation

Translation of operation manuals and descriptions of equipment, specifications and supporting documentation, drawings and technical documentation in various formats, safety techniques and state standards.


Medical translation

Translation of supporting documentation for medical equipment and instrumentation, medical certificates and abstracts of medical records, drug product certificates, results of clinical testing of drugs, medical books.



We provide interpreting services for transacting and signing contracts, business meetings, business negotiations and seminars (workshops, presentations), representation in official departments and agencies.

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