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Accounting services in Almaty

CIS Group chose tax consulting as the main business dimension. Our experts provide consultancy on taxation issues, assistance in maintaining, reconstructing financial accounts and preparation of tax reporting: company diagnostics, development of new tax planning systems, analysis of taxation issues with due account of specific features of the project and framing of recommendations with respect to company-adopted accounting record-keeping. 


·        Framing of recommendations for conducting business in compliance with the tax legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

·        Provision of face-to-face and written consultancy by the company professionals on taxation and labor law issues;

·        Preparation and submission of all reporting to tax authorities and other authorized agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

·        Accounting record-keeping (for newly established organizations, entrepreneurs, small and medium scale enterprises);

·        Preparation of accounting policies;

·        Provision of tax/audit review services;

·        Provision of legal support in the course of company liquidation, preparation of interim and liquidation reports;

One-time services:

-  Acquisition of requested information from the Tax Administration, the Department of Justice, establishment of bank accounts;

-  Carrying out procedures in relation to changing CEO with the Tax Administration

-  Preparation of letters to be sent to tax authorities on contentious tax issues;

-  Preparation of responses to notifications.

-  Temporary suspension of the company’s operation

-  Acquisition of tax clearance certificates.

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